Our Mission:

    To achieve the highest standards of the smooth and safe flow of traffic Prevent and reduce accidents. Effective enforcement of traffic regulations. Inculcate a sense of discipline amongst road users and educate citizens including school children on road safety. Ensure smooth and secure traffic movement for special occasions and VIP duties with minimum inconvenience to the public. Develop a sense of responsiveness and sensitivity to the needs of the public. Render assistance to the public in various stressful conditions such as prompt first aid to accident victims. Develop the human resources of traffic police. Assist and advice various agencies in the coordinated development of infrastructure for the smooth and safe flow of traffic. Ensure the protection of the environment and take appropriate steps for the prevention of noise and air pollution. Encourage participation and involvement of the public in traffic management. Timely communication with citizens as all the objectives can be achieved with their cooperation.

    Mumbai Traffic Police (MTP)

    Mumbai Traffic Police is an integral part of the Mumbai Police. Mumbai Traffic Police is led by Jt.CP Pravin Padwal comprises police officers, police staff who are working together to deliver the best possible policing service for the citizens in Mumbai. Mumbai Traffic Police primary objective is to improve the flow of traffic considering the safety of citizens. One of the most important tasks for Traffic cops across all Global cities is to maintain a smooth flow of traffic. Its a pride for all citizens that Mumbai Traffic Police is an Indian modern police establishment with a force of more than three thousand employees who are characterized by their degrees of high-level multi specialties and training making it best Traffic Management institutions globally. In keeping up with the cultural and technological advancement, Mumbai Traffic Police is the first to introduce the Electronic Services in transactions and completion of procedures, remotely, in record time and in an effective way by using E-Challans, MTP CCTV Challan, MTP VMS, MTP SMC, MTP Helpline and various “Mumbai Traffic Police App”. To find out more about policing in your area, visit the Your nearest Traffic Division (TFC).

    The corporate headquarters of Mumbai Traffic Police is situated in Worli and the training home is at Byculla. Traffic police are busy guiding you, controlling traffic, monitoring which enables citizens to reach their destination.

    Laws are for a disciplined safe journey, Penalty is to prevent as Life Is Precious.