Objectives & Functions

    Follow Traffic Rules for Safety & Security……………… Life Is Precious.

    All said and done, managing traffic in Mumbai is as difficult as driving at peak hour Always be alert is the only option. The principles are the same but the difference lies only in the quantum. A person driving has to navigate only one vehicle, while the Mumbai Traffic police have to ensure the smooth flow of over 2.7 million vehicles throughout Mumbai on a daily basis. It is a daunting task, particularly lack of parking space due to Mumbai’s unique topography, growth of vehicles, and last but not least motorists who do not follow traffic rules and discipline.

    Despite the challenges, Mumbai Traffic Police, under the guidance of Mumbai Police Commissioner, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), and 3500+officers and personnel assisted by the latest technology will always try to ensure driving in Mumbai to be a smooth affair giving equal importance to pedestrians.


    Change is inevitable and traffic in Mumbai has changed over the years in terms of quantum of vehicles and more road infrastructure.