Vision and Mission


    Adapting For Safety ………. Life Is Precious!

    Change is inevitable and traffic in Mumbai has changed over the years in terms of the quantum of vehicles and more road infrastructure. It is the vision of the Mumbai Traffic Police to bring about a change that is not just evident it has also far-reaching consequences for the state of traffic in Mumbai.

    Visions are often presumed to be theoretical, almost bordering on the impractical. However, the visions of Mumbai Traffic Police are in varying degrees of implementation ranging from the process of approval to the final stages of implementation. So in that sense, it is less of a traditional vision and more of a Dynamic Vision with a fully dedicated round-the-clock service as its core competency, Mumbai Traffic Police envisions extensive use of technology to improve traffic conditions in Mumbai City.

    Adapting technology to bring about maximum enforcement of traffic rules and regulations. A process is already underway to use technology to improve transparency and reduce the scope of any discretion by the field personnel in case of violations of traffic laws.

    A process is also being assembled where the motorists will be disciplined through the use of technology that will ‘nab’ common violations of traffic laws. It is hoped in all earnest that motorists will gradually give up their “Chalta Hai….” attitude towards traffic discipline.

    As it is always said “That change is the only constant thing “We seek Cooperation from citizens as we are adopting and implementing better newer technologies.